Harbour Hopping

The Oregon coast is the term for the area from the northwest tip of Washington state to San Francisco, CA. This region is not friendly to boats. The harbours are few and most of them are dangerous to enter. Their entrances are mostly quite narrow and shallow.

The old salts discuss two strategies for traveling south down the Oregon coast. The first is going offshore some distance (say 100 km) and sailing day and night for a week to San Francisco. The second is to hop from harbour to harbour, waiting for the best weather for each short trip.

Scream will be harbour hopping. We are bypassing the most dangerous harbours entirely. Our intended Ports of Call in the United States are:

  1. Port Angeles, WA
  2. Neah Bay, WA
  3. Astoria, OR
  4. Newport, OR
  5. Coos Bay, OR
  6. Crescent City, CA
  7. Eureka, CA
  8. Bodega Bay. CA
  9. San Francisco, CA
  10. Santa Cruz, CA
  11. Monterey, CA
  12. Port San Luis, CA
  13. Avalon, CA
  14. San Diego, CA