Some of the porpoises that have come to visit us, including Bottlenose Dolphins who accompanied us into La Paz.


  1. Fabulous, beautiful.

    you’d think they stay away from boats so as not to get hurt and human so they don’t get eaten. But I guess that is what they like to do. Titanic. Arosa Culm. Scream.

    you did not pet them? Feed them? Talk to them? Sing to them? teach them tricks? Swim with them? There was that Edmonton young lady trainer in Vancouver or Victoria that got played with to death…

    Thanks and thanks

  2. thanks for new pictures

    glad you looked so alive at islas muertos

    islas tortugas, looked more like sea lions than tortugas

    poor maps, yes, but there are maps, there are light houses, weather reports, radio communication and all your modern toys to get you safely around. And few totally unknowns for you modern explorers.


  3. must have been a surreal experience to be accompanied by a school of dolphins! Beautiful!

  4. How wonderful – thanks for sharing…


  5. Wow! I can’t wait to show Conrad!

  6. popular, eh?

    i do miss our ham, tech, math, physics, computing, etc talks

    bon voyage!

  7. Visa til end of May?

    North America ‘free trade’ area?

    Visas a money making racket? Or a pretense of having a (desirable) law abiding place to visit.

    (I like European free trade and open borders. At least Canada and the US should have it and Mexico be given the rules for membership.)

    Enjoy your postings and pictures and videos.

    Bon Voyage

  8. hi pam and darren from australia here. we met you in Fiji. The dolphin greeting video is jut beautiful, hope you guys are well. take care