Pier 21

Scream spent a week tied up at Pier 21 marina in Auckland.  We needed to pull into a dock to get mail and provisions, and we decided that we might as well come into Auckland and have a good time.

Pier 21 is wonderful.  It is the best located and best priced marina in Auckland for a live aboard.  Pier 21 is a ten minute walk to the Central Business District or a five minute walk to the Viaduct.  The chandleries are all within two blocks.  There are a few restaurants nearby, including the very reasonably priced bar at Swashbucklers.

Unlike Bayswater where we stayed last year, Pier 21 is very well sheltered.  We were bothered by neither winds nor wakes. And while the much larger marina at Westhaven is co-located from the water, it is between three and ten blocks further from all services by land.

If you are going to take a dock in Auckland, whether for the season or for a night, we recommend Pier 21.

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  1. Dad ensslen says:


    makes me smile all over, your latest notes and recommendations.

    bon voyage

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