Morro Bay

After buddy boating from Monterey with Demelza, we arrived in Morro Bay on Wednesday. We has planned to anchor in San Simeon, but southerly winds were predicted, and none of us wanted to end up in a bad anchorage so we pushed on.

We after crossing the bar in small seas but strong current, we anchored in the small free area while Demelza tied up to the yacht club's dock. We had a lovely, flat night.

The next morning, the winds picked up as the storm got going and we found ourselves closer than we wanted to be to the nearest boat on a mooring. So, we decided to move over to the yacht club. When we arrived, all that was available was a mooring, so we took it. We've been there since, and the strong currents keep the ball off our hull, so we're happy there.

We were invited to the yacht club's happy hour, which we spent with Dave from Demelza as well as our new friends Dean and Gary from Unda. It was an odd way to spend Halloween, but very enjoyable.

The weather is predicted to get better early next week, when we'll move on to the Channel Islands.

4 thoughts on “Morro Bay

  1. dad ensslen says:

    thanks for the update

    no boring parts to the trip yet it seems

    best of luck

    your overall plans for the month?



  2. Hope you have a chance to kayak or dinghy further into Morro Bay. There are incredible birds!
    Best of luck as you come further south - as promised, for us the weather got wonderfully warm and sunny once we rounded Cape Concepcion.
    Bon Voyage - Mac and Catherine, SV Indigo

  3. SV Tula says:

    Theese iz Captin Pedro callling. Keepe up yore good reports. Calgary Chapter of BCA ar folllowing yoo and your veessel. Mi spellingk lessins are going wel.
    Tula Standin bye,
    Captin Pedro

  4. Darusha says:

    @Mac&Catherine: We did do a brief dinghy trip further into the bay, and it was amazing. We felt like we were living in the wild kingdom the whole time we were in Morro Bay.

    It was a bit chilly, though, so we're looking forward to the kind of weather you experienced after heading "around the corner." I've been following your trip as well, and was envious of the shots of you in shirtsleeves in the cockpit while underway.

    We're slowly catching up to you; maybe we'll meet up in some bay somewhere down the line.

    Fair winds,

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