Kawau is an island about 25 miles north of Auckland. It is the logical stop between Whangarei and Auckland. Kawau has several anchorages, the best of which are on the west side.

Scream at Kawau

We made three trips to Bon Accord Harbour, the main anchorage on Kawau. Bon Accord is almost two miles long by half a mile wide, and is anchor-able throughout. Most boats choose to anchor in the coves, which can get quite crowded even when the harbour is otherwise empty. It provides complete shelter from all swell and excellent shelter from Northerly or Southerly winds. Due westerly winds blow up the harbour, while due easterlies blow over the hill and down the harbour. The coves, however, provide shelter from the east/west wind and as such are reliable in any weather.


Kawau is a conservation island, which makes it a sort of park. Much of it is private land. You can land in Mansion House Bay, where there are short walks and exotic indigenous and imported birds.

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  1. dad ensslen says:

    kawau sound almost hawaiian

    very good to hear from you again and to see 'the three of you' looking well and to see the lovely and exotic scenery and flora

    bon voyage

  2. Chrystia Chomiak says:

    Steven and Darusia!

    Just want to know that you are both alright. I am concerned because of the tsunomi which has struck off of Japan and now the news says that the aftermath is heading for New Zealand. Please let me know ou are both fine.

    I enjoy your posting very much.

    T. Chrystia

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