Isla Isabela

Footage of beautiful Isla Isabela, a bird sanctuary and nesting ground for frigate birds and yellow-footed and blue-footed boobies.

3 thoughts on “Isla Isabela

  1. conrad craig says:

    more sea lions please

    like the birds and dolphins

    but i am tired and want to see sea lions

    Auntie darusha- where are you?
    thank you for the magnets and the postcards

    --as told to teta katherine

    ps- in all video's commentary from conrad is where is auntie darusha and uncle fun
    (ie I cannot see them where are they)

  2. dad says:

    uncle funchuk

    thanks! to all!

    birds just great for me

    but sure , pictures of you petting and holding sea lions or their pups just fine, but probably not a safe thing to do

    mexican swine flue masks?

    bon voyage!

  3. Karen says:

    I totally hear you on being a little scared of them. I may have nightmares about this bird park...
    Love you!

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