Halfmoon Bay

Scream sailed (yes, sailed) out of San Francisco bay and south to Half Moon Bay. We didn't go ashore, but I can say that the Bay has a large, well-sheltered area inside the breakwater where we anchored in 15 feet. We spent our first night at anchor in calm water since Crescent City.

2 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay

  1. Bob says:

    So, what's not to like about SF? You guys sure split quickly.

    As for Pillar Point (Half Moon Bay like you say), a couple years ago they had great fresh fruit & veggie stands ashore, and also a fantastic "walk-to restaurant" for a celebration splurge . . . "Meza Luna" 459 Prospect Way, (650) 728-8108.

    Check it out!

    B (&G)

  2. Darusha says:

    @Bob - SF was good, but we found we we spending money like it was going out of style. We stayed almost a week and a half and that seemed like lots. We're not used to spending more than a day or two in a place; I guess we're still learning how to slow down.

    Speaking of which, we left Halfmoon Bay the following morning, and we're in Santa Cruz now. We're probably going to stay another day here then off to Monterey.

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