Golfo de Fonseca

The Gulf of Fonseca borders El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. We stayed in El Salvador, in a few of the anchorages on Isla Meanguera. We could easily see both Honduran and Nicaraguan territories from the cockpit.

The islands in the Gulf of Fonseca are beautiful. They are reminiscent of cruising the Gulf Islands in BC - hilly, wooded islands with quaint little one or two boat anchorages.

However, all the anchorages are open to some direction - either the east or the southwest with its open ocean swell. While we visited, the wind came almost exclusively from the east, and by the third day we were there, the anchorages had become so uncomfortable we simply had to leave.

It was a shame to leave, both because we were leaving El Salvador which we have come to enjoy a great deal, and because the area is so beautiful. However, the beauty is a bit diminished when you get a little seasick at anchor.


2 thoughts on “Golfo de Fonseca

  1. svfreedom says:

    Glad to read your post. We're on our way on Monday for the islands. We'll look for you in Nica. Fairwinds!

  2. dad ensslen says:

    I kept thinking swells and winds and such is what it is all about, else back onto land with the rest of us. Also kept thinking sea sickness you get only once and you are over it. I a landlubber and erstwhile kayaker in dicey situations.

    New age record for solo sailing circumnavigation is 17 or 18, with 14 year old girls out there trying to set even lower records?

    the 17/18 year old solo guy had a scare with Indonesian pirates.

    So now I feel better about you two.


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