Coos Bay

Coming into Coos Bay

Scream arrived in Coos Bay today after a wonderful downwind sail from Newport. As we had motored almost all of the way from Victoria, we were very happy to get a chance to sail. The forecast was for northerly 10-15, then 5-10, then 10-20. We had a bit of 15, a bunch of 10 and a lot of 5, but it was from the right direction and we had a lot of time. We made the 85 mile run in about 25 hours.

We were using the self steering but it as developed (or we have discovered) a problem in that it oversteers to port. There is more friction when it is turned to port and in light winds it will not return to centre for a minute or more, by which point the boat as come all the way into the wind. We'll work it out.

We spoke with the Coast Guard on the radio three times arriving in Newport, twice when leaving Newport, and several times coming into Coos Bay. The Coast Guard keep lookout towers that overlook the bars at the harbour mouths. We call every time to get the report of current conditions on the bar, mostly because we think that the Coast Guard want to hear from us. The tower then hails us one or more times as we cross the bar. Today we also had a visit from the Coast Guard, who gave us a free safety inspection, our second of the year.

We're also expecting a visit from US Customs this evening. We were getting breakfast when they visited shortly after our safety inspection.



7 thoughts on “Coos Bay

  1. dad says:

    famous american runner from coos bay

    pre for prefontaine, a jimmy dean story, also died young in sports car.

    german mom with accent, they made two movies about him. he was at munich olympics. his coach bauerman who invented waffle nike shoes and made them with waffle iron.

    anyhow, glad you are safe and sound



  2. dad ensslen says:

    good thing you kept your full powered diesel motor

  3. dad ensslen says:

    could not find the lat / long of coos bay


  4. Hi guy's. You are catching up. Good to hear you made it to Coos bay. We are now in Half Moon bay south of SF. We will head to Moss Landing tomorrow. Supose to have an incredible nature reserve worth checking out with the zodiac. We might stay there for a couple of day's then continue south. Looking forward to seeing the Catalina islands. Hope all is well with you both. Hap Hap Happy sailing..............cheers Tony & Nancy

  5. Bob says:

    With regard to to self steering:
    I assume you are talking about the Autohelm, not the Saye's Rig.
    Do this:
    First, find some flat ,calm water and swing the autohelm compass (the instructions are in the book). Then, pay attention to sail "balance" on any given course (i.e. you might have to sheet in the foresails or sheet out the main a little - - - - or vice versa if you know what I mean). Once you figure it out, I think you'll find it easiest to make sail "balance adjustments" on a basically balanced boat by just coming in or out on the stay sail sheet. Some particularly unbalanced "condition/sail plan combos" can even require "a flat stay sail amidships" to attain acceptable balance. You move the stay sail amidships by sheeting in on the upwind sheet, and even "flaten" it (in the rare case that this is needed) by simultaneously sheeting inn the downwind sheet too.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Darusha says:

    @Bob: Actually, it's the Saye's Rig that's the problem. The sail wasn't turning with the wind until we'd turned the boat quite a bit. We did have very light winds (often under 5 knots apparent), but the top post just wasn't turning very well. I tried to help it with a liberal coating of silicone spray, but that didn't seem do the trick.

    On the other hand, the Autohelm is working perfectly well.

  7. Kyra Crouzat says:

    Hey hey!! Happy to catch up on your adventures... we are just coming back to Victoria (Cadboro Bay tonight, your favourite, Darusha!!) Had a great time in Desolation Sound, we're sorry it's already over...

    Love reading your updates... makes us dreaaaam.....

    Hugs to you both

    Kyra and Rick
    S.V. Nyon

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