Chris, Trina, and Ganges

Scream traveled to Ganges this weekend with our friends Chris and Trina.  Sailing is new to both of them so we were pleased to share a relaxing weekend.

Chris and Trina

We departed in 20+ knots from the south, and briefly made 7 knots close reach, but mostly the winds were quite light and we struggled to keep steerage.  We did make it to Ganges with the Gennaker.  On the return leg we beat to windward in less than 5 knots.  All easy good times for the crew and passengers.

Scream docked at Ganges Marina

2 thoughts on “Chris, Trina, and Ganges

  1. æ says:

    what are the two bold maroon things to the fore of your ship?

  2. darusha says:

    Those are our two foresails. In that shot, they are furled (wrapped up around the forestays).

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