Big Adventure: Day 1

Scream departed Canada for our world tour today. We left Cadboro Bay in the morning and motored to Port Angeles, where we cleared US customs. The weather is sunny and warm and the crew are in good spirits. We will post more regularly now that we are underway.

4 thoughts on “Big Adventure: Day 1

  1. Carol Arnold says:

    Bon Voyage at last! Have wonderful adventures - we look forward to enjoying them along with you via your posts. Hope you catch up with Dolphin Tales & Kalagan sooner rather than later.
    SV Intrepid II

  2. ANdrew says:

    Looking forward to your postings and pictures along the route. I'll look down for you when I overfly on the way to San Francisco on Sept 20th. Remember to wave at the planes.

  3. Kyra Crouzat says:

    Bon Voyage!! In the most literal sense! Rick and I will be following your adventures, and hopefully following your wake sooner than later!
    Kyra and Rick
    SV Nyon

  4. Chrystia C says:

    Looks absolutely wonderful - wish I was on the sea...I'm coming along on the adventure and waiting for your postings.


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