Bahía Santa Elena

Bahía Santa Elena, Costa Rica, is possibly the best anchorage we've visited since leaving Canada. It is a large bay, with room for a hundred boats, protected from all directions. It is completely flat, even when the wind gusts, bordered by lush green hills filled with squawking parrots and other birds.

Bahía Santa Elena

The only problems with Santa Elena are the strange wind gusts which shoot through gaps in the hills without warning, and the fact that it is more than 30 miles north of the most northern port of entry in Costa Rica. You either need to double back or spend your time there as an illegal immigrant.

Scream in Bahía Santa Elena

Regardless, Santa Elena is worth the effort. We stayed over a week, enjoying snorkeling at the rocks near the entrance, dinghy trips up the mangrove swamps and marveling at the wildlife - tropical birds, jumping fish and sea turtles all about here.


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  1. dad says:

    great to hear from you


    nice pictures

    bird, fish and turtle particulars?

    karen has left to visit you (or just about to?)

  2. judy & jordan says:

    Hi guys,
    We are on board and have done all the finishing and it's turned out great. Leaving in 3 weeks. We might even catch up to you.
    Do you do skype? If so, email us your skype name.
    Judy and Jordan
    SV SeaTurtle IV

  3. dad says:

    hello, hello

    Karen must have been there with you for some time now

    steven: J the computer language. Jsoftware. Free. Geekie.



    IMC#26 IM #29 depart Sunday/Monday

    is the back of your boat really pointed?

  4. Kyra says:

    this place sounds fabulous - glad to hear you had time to enjoy it... hope you guys are well!!

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