Bahía del Sol

We have spent the last couple of weeks at anchor in the estuary of Bahía Jaltepeque, just off from the resort hotel of Bahía del Sol. We are enjoying the slower pace that we need to maintain now, as we aim to stay north of the worst of the Central American rainy season.

Scream in Bahía del Sol

We are able to anchor for free here, along with about a dozen other cruising boats. The hotel offers cruisers access to their facilities, including the pool, wireless internet, bar, restaurant and business centre, for $14/week. It's a great deal, as it includes 30% off at the bars and restaurants, as well as other discounted rates. They put on special events for the cruisers as well, and are very accommodating in the use of their space. They've even agreed to let us stretch out our sails on their patio in order for us to make some repairs.

There's not much nearby ashore other than a few small restaurants and tiendas, and other hotels. There are public busses which go into the nearby cities of Zacatecoluca and San Salvador. It's a long ride to Zacate and a longer one to San Salvador, but the $1 fare and many food and drink vendors make the ride enjoyable.

There's an active cruiser community here, and we've met a bunch of great people. Jan, a former cruiser who now owns land here and runs a English school for the locals, offers a great chicken dinner on Wednesdays when there are enough boats as a fundraiser for the school. It's a fun way to meet everyone, check out the lush landscape on Isla Cordoncillo, and eat up a storm.

We'll be staying here an undetermined of time longer, as this is inexpensive and a good staging ground for inland trips. We are planning to take a trip into Guatemala to visit the ruins at Tikal sometime in the next week or so, as well as catching up on some boat jobs and enjoying the facilities here.

Darusha & Cows

There are lots of cows roaming the streets near Bahía del Sol.

4 thoughts on “Bahía del Sol

  1. dad ensslen says:

    you survived the big bad earth quake I trust!

    those cows look like bulls or ex bulls in need of groceries

    sail repairs? boat jobs?

    glad you guys are alive and well.

    Saw 0 d C this am on farm, 20 d C this afternoon.

    Enjoy your holiday and rest!!

    noticed your southern skies yet?

    bon voyage!!

  2. dad ensslen says:

    so nice to see 'scream' and you guys, including Barca flag!!

    the little bird looks like a purple martin groups of which used to live here in the 60's much to our delight, that is what the bird nests used to be build and kept for. Sparrows took over?

    those cows / oxen look anatomically confusing!!

    enjoy your holidays!!

  3. Steven says:

    A few details: The chart of this area is very old and terrible. The estuary at Bahía Jaltepeque opens at its east end near 13°15.7’ N and 88°53.5’ W not at its west end as indicated on the chart. Sailing Directions indicates that there is no passage. While this is not entirely accurate, the entrance should only be attempted in calm seas at high water slack and with the assistance of a pilot. The pilot is available for free from Hotel Bahia Del Sol. Call "Bahia Del Sol" on Channel 16 a couple hours before you arrive. The reference tidal station is La Union, tides in Jaltepeque are 40 minutes later.
    Once inside there is room for thousands of boats in 10-15 feet (lowest low water), great holding in mud. The current runs 2-3 knots.

  4. katherine says:

    Love you guys--

    think Darusha and the cows is one for the final photo montage-- it's a keeper.
    here in northern ontario with the Craig fmaily- conrad and clara are a delight! will try to send video to send to you..

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