Visiting the parents

We visited Scream's previous owners at their home on Salt Spring Island this weekend. Bob and Gay are wonderful. They were having a dinner party, and invited us along when the heard that we were free. It is 36 nm to Ganges from Victoria, so we set out Saturday morning for the party Sunday afternoon. The winds were light, so we only made it to Sidney Spit on Saturday. We stayed there overnight and set out for Ganges Sunday morning. The winds remained light, and we ended up motoring the whole way from Sidney.

Bob and Gay's party was delightful. We hope that they will invite us again.

We returned to Victoria on Monday. The forecast was for 10-20, rising to 25 to Gales 35. Unfortunately for us, the actual conditions where very light, 0-5, with a single gust to 10kn. Still we managed to sail for a few hours as we were heading into the wind making the apparent wind close to 5 kn. Obviously this wasn't very fast, and we ended up rounding Discovery Island after the tide turned against us. We tide was running very strongly at the point. We throttled the engine up, but we still made good perhaps 200m in the first 20 minutes. Luckily we got frustrated and tried different angles of attack and eventually worked our way out of the strongest current. Still it took over 100 minutes to make the 3 nm between Discovery and Trial, at about 7kn through the water!