No, Scream is not participating in this year's Swiftsure International Yacht Race. However, Steven crews on local RVYC boat Stimulus for Wednesday night racing, and they are competing in Swiftsure.I managed to get some great footage & shots of Stimulus (sporting number 275) as I braved the winds on Dallas Road this morning. Since they are doing one of the shorter races, they may very well be back in time for last call. In fact, the online race predictor currently estimates that they will finish at 17:48:16. Maybe I'll have to head over to the finish line at Ogden Point tonight after all.

UPDATE: I thought it was too good to be true. A much more accurate seeming prediction is the new one of 9 am tomorrow morning. Much more reasonable.

UPDATE:  As it turns out, they finished at 1:31:18 am, as the first in their race to cross the finish line.  In fact, they took the treble:  first around the mark, first to finish and fastest corrected time.  Well done Stimulus and crew!