Run Aground!

We acquired a fourth boat, or fifth depending on how you want to count them. In addition to Scream, we own Wai Whare, two dinghys and an offshore life raft. The latest arrival is Gone Fission, an 8 foot Walker Bay plastic rowing dinghy with inflatable tubes on the sides and sails! Scream came without a dinghy and we wanted a solid bottom dinghy for the stability and a sailing dinghy for recreation.

It took us a few hours to put her together, and we rewarded ourselves with a sail around the marina. There was essentially no wind, so we were hard pressed to make headway against the small tide. Tacking upwind we left the channel, then came to an abrupt stop. We had run aground in the mud flats of Tsehum Harbour! Luckily the meter-long daggerboard on Gone Fission can be easily extracted while underway. So we just pulled it up and rowed back into the channel. In fact, we enjoyed the whole process so much that we ran aground again just minutes later!

Some sailors maintain that there are only two types of sailors: those who have run aground and those who will. We're proud to announce our arrival in the senior category.