Practicing for the Tropics (or, Galley Bay)

After sailing off the anchor at Savary Island, we slowly made our way up toward Desolation Sound. The wind was light and we changed sail several times and even motored for a few minutes before the wind picked up from astern and we sailed to Malaspina Inlet.

We passed the inlet and made our way deep into Galley Bay, where we anchored in the easternmost cove.

Darusha SwimmingThe next day we spent pretending we were in the tropics, as the sun was shining and the day was warm, even though a decent wind was blowing. We did a little boat maintenance in the early afternoon, then just as a very large motor yacht pulled into the main part of the bay, we got our wetsuits and flippers on and jumped overboard for a swim.

The water was brisk, and we were thankful for the wetsuits, as we swam around our little cove for about an hour. After returning to Scream, we peeled off our wetsuits, rinsed under our solar shower and lay in the sun on deck, enjoying a cocktail.