Plumper Cove

Boat jobs are seemingly never-ending and always frustrating, and our tendency is to just get up each day and work at something. As a result, I get cranky sometimes, and demand institute a day or two off. Since our parts did not arrive at the Nanaimo Shipyard in time for the work to be finished on Friday, this seemed like a good opportunity. So, at 2:30 on Friday afternoon, we cast off the lines and headed across the Strait of Georgia.

We had a good 20 - 25 miles to cover if we were going to make it to Keats Island, and we wanted to get anchored before dark. The winds were light, and as we sailed a different course than we wanted, we looked for other, more sailable, destinations. There were several nice anchorages up the Sunshine Coast, but by this time we were too far from anywhere and the winds were too light not to have to motor. So we furled up and motored to Plumper Cove on Keats Island.

Steven at Plumper Cove

It's a very pretty anchorage, with mooring cans near the park floats (which are available for overnight moorage at a cost of $2.00/metre). We elected to anchor at the south end of the cove in the relative shallows (we anchored in 40', while the mooring can field was in depths of 90-100'). Because the cove is open at both ends, we found ourselves getting the full brunt of the inflow winds of Howe Sound, and the swells of ferries and other large traffic in the Strait. However, as the weather was lovely, it was fine. I wouldn't want to be anchored there in a blow, though.

Plumper Cove

We spent Saturday exploring the park, which has a very nice campground (we think campsite 8 is the best, with the privacy of trees almost all around it, as well as a lovely ocean view and trail to the beach). Back on board Scream, we read, enjoyed the sunset, made a tasty gumbo and generally relaxed. Sunday morning, we woke leisurely and sailed back across the Strait in lively 15-20 kt winds, practicing our reefing. We tied up back at "our" dock at the Nanaimo Shipyard just before 5:00 pm.