Niafu, Tonga restaurant reviews

We spent almost two months in Tonga, during which time we made a tour of the restaurants of Niafu, the main town in Vava'u. From north to south:

  • Crowsnest - Open for breakfast and lunch. Best value for breakfast (T$12 including coffee). Great baked goods. Try the cinnamon muffins.
  • Chinese restaurant - Great Chinese food. Best value for lunch and dinner. Lunch from T$6. We liked everything.
  • Cafe Tropicana - Tastiest breakfast. Good food. Fastest and most reliable internet, if not cheap.
  • Sunset Grill - Tasty burgers, well priced. Desert is quite good as well.
  • Poolside - Darusha really liked their pasta.
  • Mermaid - Surprisingly good burgers for a bar. Free wifi with good bandwidth because few people use it. Co-located with the yacht club.
  • Balcony - The BBQ is good, but the rest is lack lustre. Probably the most expensive restaurant with prices around T$30.
  • Giggling Whale - Moderately priced.
  • Mango's - Fancy decore and good food. Not as expensive as it looks, especially as the portions are generous. Their pizzas are good bargains as the large feeds two for T$20.
  • Aquarium - Busy with cruisers using the free wifi. Bandwidth is poor, and the food is overpriced.
  • Ovava - Easily the best pizza, maybe the best restaurant. Not inexpensive, but worth it.

I don't think that it is possible to write reviews without hurting a few feelings. If I do offend any of the above, I hope that they find a way to use my comments constructively.