2008 Petersen Cup

Scream had the great pleasure to partcipate in the 2008 Petersen Cup. The Petersen cup is s a cruising rally held every year by the Bluewater Cruising Association to honour the memory of Lex Petersen (?-2004). The rally starts on the last Saturday in July at the Dinghy Dock Pub in Nanaimo.

This year the rally went to Graves Harbour on Gambier Island, and Bargain Bay, Pender Harbour, and Smuggler's Cove on the Sunshine Coast.  We really enjoyed the rally and recommend it to all BCA members.  I will warn that the alcohol consumption is a bit high given you're expected to sail your boat starting around 9 am every day.  So practice may be in order.   Each day starts with a roll call on the radio, followed by the course for the day's sail.  Everything is informal but most days most boats stayed on the vaguely defined course.  The boats that arrive at the destination have an appetizer potluck starting around 5 pm.

Darusha and I won the prize for the best pirate costumes.